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Top Hill Automation Sdn. Bhd. is categorized as Compressed Air - Pipe, Controls , Control Systems, Electrical Equipment, Filters - Air, Gas , Liquid, Hydraulic, Hydraulic Equipment Supplier, Oil , Gas Industries - Consultant, Pneumatic Equipment Components in No. No. 56-A, Jalan Nakhoda 2, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, 81300, Skudai, Johor. 


We’re on top of the hill of precision performance and delivery of efficient automation system. Systems that control and change the way operating equipment such as machinery, processes in factories move; with minimum human intervention.

Top Hill Automation Systems Sdn Bhd are one of the leading providers of automation systems and components in the market. Working and in partnership with key renowned brands and providing solutions at a very highly competitive rate to our clients so that their business efficiency and business targets are well achieved.

Our automation systems are increasingly efficient to answer the needs and demands of plant and machinery requirements. It is engineered to steer and to govern the needs of the industry by performing a range of tasks and thus ensuring high efficiency, flexibility, ease of use and most importantly- high cost effective measures.


At Top Skill Automation Sdn Bhd, we put the people ahead and at the forefront of what we do and provide. We are a highly effective, energetic and efficient group of people. We rely on a team of highly skilled and professionals that know their roles function and deliver it to the highest of their capabilities.


Top Skill helps the industry evolve and move forward with the fast-changing needs of globalization. We are geared up and want to move the industries into an era of sophistication and business solidarity.


Our clients relate our automation systems to excellent and dependable as we stay committed to providing superior engineering and technology advances to ensure high levels of productivity. We have been doing this for years, and have consistently made breaking progress in automation engineering services. Our systems are well poised to raise the levels of standards in the industries that it serves.

Here at Top Hill Automation, we provide a range of solutions such as:

Hydraulic Gear Pump

Pumps that use the interlocking of gears to pump fluid by movement. They are pumps commonly used for hydraulic fluid power applications.

Pneumatic Equipment

We are the providers of Pneumatic equipment that are used and powered by compressed air. Some of the more common types of these air-powered hand tools that are generally used in industrial segment include buffers, nailing and stapling.

Piping Installation

We provide piping installation systems for connection of supply of industrial needs of our clients.

Hydraulic Cylinder

We are the providers of Hydraulic Cylinder that are using the latest CNC machinery and welding techniques so that our clients can rest assured that their needs and demands are taken care of each time.

Industrial Automation Supply

Our industrial automation solutions are geared to provide an ease in the use of control systems- ensuring that many different processes can be handled at once and with a smooth flow, without the need for human interaction.

Oil & Gas Consultants
We are consultants to our clients in the Oil & Gas industries, providing them expert advice and critical analysis of their business needs

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